• Yes provence give pays a special attention to protect the personal data you will share on our website. Your personal data will only be used to answer any  query you may when booking a car rental on our website. Yes Provence will not share with a third party the data you untrusted to us.

    You can access your personal data at any time. You can send an email or use our online contact form if you want to modify or delete your personal data.

    We hope we answered your questions. We remain at your disposal for any further information, you are welcome to use our contact form.
  • We offer a chauffeur-driven classic car service for all your trips :

    ✅Airport and train station transfer
    From and to your home, office, hotel... our chauffeur drives you any the airport or train station in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur.
    ✅Professional meeting
    If you need to attend a congress, an exhibition or any professional meeting,  Yes Provence stands by your side as long as you need and you will not have to care about logistic.
    ✅"Door to door"
    This service is a genuine alternative to taxi or public transport. Sit in a premium car to reach any destination and distance.
    ✅Full disposal of a chauffer-driven classic car.

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  • Off course, child car seats are at your disposal. Request must be made when booking and for safety purposes you will be asked to attach it.
  • There is no minimum age, we keep at your disposal specific infant car seat so you can enjoy a safe drive in Provence with your baby.
  • Our vehicles are delivered in mint condition. We expect you to return the car in good condition after a reasonable use. However, if the vehicle is returned in bad condition, we reserve the right to charge you with the cleaning expenses.
  • The rental includes the booking of the car, a full tank of gas (for most offer - see details when booking), and a third-party insurance.
  • Drivers must be aged 21 minimum and own a driving license more than 1 year old.
  • Every additional driver must be registered in the rental agreement, and must be present on check-in with  valid driving license and ID.
  • Your driving license must be written in roman alphabet or must come with an official translation, or with an international driving license under 3 years old. If you travel outside Europe, it is strongly recommended carrying an international driving license IN ADDITION to your regular license.
  • Yes Provence can deliver and pick-up the rental car with some extra costs. Please contact us when booking.
  • It will depend on the package you booked. We propose a rental offer where the car must be return with a full tank of fuel. (if the vehicle is not returned with a full tank, we will charge for the missing fuel and the travel to and from the gas station).
    Every other rental package includes the cost of consumed fuel. There will be no refund for the fuel left in the tank.
  • According to legal provision, the car driver registered in the rental contract is covered by third party liability insurance which guarantees cover for damage caused by the driver to a third party. All other damage is not covered and involve your liability (damage to the rental vehicle, theft, damage...). In the event of accident (CDW) or theft (TP) your financial liability is reduced to the insurance deductible.
    When taking charge of the vehicle, we will suggest that you take out additional insurance to cover what is not covered by our legal insurance. These are mandatory, you are free to subscribe or not.
  • All car rentals at YES PROVENCE include third party liability, which is the minimum legal coverage required in each European country.
    In addition, our rates also include a financial liability reduced to the insurance deductible in the event of an accident (CDW) and theft (TP).
  • Depending on the offers, Yes Provence can confirm the category of vehicle that you book but not the model or brand. Yes Provence proposes rental cars from different brands but within the same category, with the same characteristics.
  • It will depend on wich formula you booked.
    Half-day, morning = 9:00am – 12:30am ; Half-day afternoon = 1:30pm – 5:00pm ;
    Full day = 9:30am – 5:30pm. For delivery, we will schedule time and place when booking.
  • On check-in, we will ask for a credit card in order to guarantee the security deposit. The card must be a valid international credit card and the cardholder must be the main driver registered on the rental contract.
  • On check-in, a security deposit is required by the rental company. As general rule, this deposit is blocked on the main driver's credit card for the duration of the rental. Make sure that this international credit card authorizes an imprint of the amount of the deposit (amount of the insurance deductible+taxes+value of a tank of gas+other optional costs). The deposit is released when the vehicle is returned in the same condition as when it was picked up.
  • A third party liability insurance is included with the car rental.
    You can ask for an additional comprehensive insurance on check-in to cover any potential complementary costs
  • The rental contract holder is liable for settling the fine. We store, in our database and for a maximum of 2 years, your driving license in the event of a fine to be settled.
  • We only store a copy of your driving license in the event of a traffic fine to be settled.
  • We will ask for your driving license, and keep a picture of it in our database for a maximum of 2 years in the event of a traffic fine to be settled.
  • Yes, you can book a car for someone via our website. However, the rental contract must mentioned the name of the person that will drive the car, and he will have to present a valid credit card (to his name) on check-in.
  • Yes Provence is located in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. Our depot, where our car are stored, is located outside the village.
  • Yes, our payment platform is 100% secured.
  • Yes, of course you can book and pay for your reservation from our website at:
  • No, we do not accept bank check. Payment method accepted are credit card and bank transfer.
  • Yes Provence accepts  American Express credit card, Mastercard, Visa and payment in cash.
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  • Yes, please call us at +33 (6)
    Mail :
  • Yes Provence is a vintage car rental agency : Citroën 2cv, Citroën
    Méhari, Mini Austin, Volkswagen Coccinelle - Cox Cab, Volkswagen Combi Van T2.
    More than fifteen cars at your disposal.

    We have different offers:
    1. In self-drive for a half-day a full day or more... We created a mobile app to guide you along the road and offer you a unique and amazing way of discovering Provence
    (thematic tours, personal points of interest...)

    2. Classic car rental with your personal chauffeur to relax and enjoy the beauties of the sceneries in Provence.

    3. Rental for every event:
    ✅ Wedding/Civil union
    ✅ Seminar/Corporate rally
    ✅ Business events
    ✅ Private events
    We know how to answer all your needs !

    4. We also offer chauffeur driven car service:
    ✅ Train station and airport transfer
    To and from your home, hotel, place of business... : we cover every regional airport and train station.

Chauffeur service

  • Payment is due on arrival at your destination. No deposit is requested.
    However, if you desire, a bank transfer can be arranged for large amount. Except for bank check, every payment options are available : credit card, debit card or cash.
  • Your driver will await you at the airport or the train station with the name used for your booking on a sign. That is the reason why it is important to communicate your train or flight number and allow us to wait for you at the right terminal.
  • V.I.P. category comes with a spacious vehicle set in conference mode, the use of speedways as much as possible for more comfort, and high quality standards with personal and discreet service.

  • This service is a true alternative to taxi and public transports. Our driver picks you up wherever you need and drives you anywhere you want on a comfortable car.
  • You planned a congress, a trade exhibition or an important business meeting in our region and you are looking for the solution to ease your travel? We offer to accompany you as long as you need and release you from the constraints of travel logistic.